The White Agency Film Competition (2013 post)

Video content and the ideas of internet as a broadcast channel are no longer a question. Whilst broadcasting rights controls the nature of content the channel delivers, content itself is no longer constrained by technology.

The internet directly drives the nature of video content online as it aims to deliver an immersive experience rather than a linear one. Marshall McLuhan identified this in the 60s as he talked about television by saying, “The medium is the message“.

To create an environment where Creatives pick up a camera in the same way as a pen, white developed the white film competition. The objective was to help promote the challenges, processes, techniques, highs and lows involved in creating video content. The competition targeted Producers, Account Managers, Developers, Strategists and Designers in a discipline outside their areas of expertise.

White kicked off the competition in 2012 with a creative concepting day. Staff was then divided into seven groups, and within each team, members were allocated roles from director to production designer, editor to actor. The teams were led by people with no video production experience, with staff from the Video department taking supporting roles. Staff were given three weeks to produce a film. The competition kicked off with a three hour masterclass in ‘Acting & directing for the screen’ and ‘Camera techniques and lighting’.  Groups were given four hours to shoot their work – see the work at

The 2013 comp will kick off in January. Watch this space for behind the scenes footage… as history tell us these scene can be good as the films…

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